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More Restrictions on Guns, Anybody?

Let’s talk about guns. I love guns, they look like a lot of fun! Before taking a side, I like to think and investigate the matter thoroughly. Gun control seems to be a big debate these days. Here is my question – should children under the age of 18 be allowed to carry a gun? I don’t see why not, some of them are more intelligent and responsible than adults!

I keep hearing from gun enthusiasts on the news- gun is just a tool. I agree. Fork is also a tool; we use it to put food in our mouth. For what purpose gun is a tool?

Gun is a tool to hunt and kill wild animals for fun! Hungry poor people usually don’t have money or qualify to purchase a gun.

Gun is also a tool to protect ourselves, our family and anybody who may appear to be under attack. Being a police officer is a tough proposition these days with everybody armed to the teeth. It is not surprising at times police overreacts and shoots some good folks along with the bad.

There is another argument – bad people will always get guns. With restrictions on guns, we only leave good people who follow the law defenseless. The good news- we don’t live in wild west anymore, we have police to protect us. We take the responsibility and liability of owning a gun, also making a mistake out of our lives. We can always use our good judgement to protect ourselves.

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Should We Blame The Victim? Who Is to Blame For Our Misfortunes?

Our potential is limited only by our intelligence. We must protect the vulnerable: children and elderly. When things go wrong in our lives we often look for culprits other than ourselves. We live in a place prone to natural disasters and expect not to see any devastation. We get on a plane and expect to land in the city of our choosing, not in the Hudson River. We chose to have a surgery and expect medical team not to make any mistakes. We go to Afghanistan and expect NOT to be kidnapped even once! We go to a party, get drunk, maybe even pass out, still expecting to be safe and well protected. We take chances. That is what makes things interesting.

According to researchers Laura Niemi (Harvard University) and Liane Young (Boston College) our value system determines whether or not we blame the victim for the misfortune. People who value caring and justice will put the blame on the perpetrator. People who value loyalty, obedience, social binding, and conservatism will also blame the victim for their misfortune.

Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology, maintained that our inner reality creates the physical world and circumstances we live in. Our thoughts attract events. If we want to change our circumstances, we need to change our thinking habits. We have the power to create our own heaven or hell.

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North Korea, Iran… Why Do We Need to Annihilate Each Other?

Why does North Korea, Iran and some other countries need to parade their nuclear missiles and launch test strikes? To understand the behavior of countries around the world, first, we must understand behavior of individuals.

Here is an example. You are driving a car, minding your own business. Suddenly, someone rudely, and for no apparent reason cuts you off. You are pissed; you may even want to kill the other person! You are chasing the other person for miles and miles just to show them how angry you are, to teach them a lesson, provided, of course, you don’t have anything better to do with your time.

Soon enough you catch up with the offender and scream all the offensive words, but, to your surprise, the other person pulls out a gun and aims at you. Your rage subsides instantaneously, because you realize you don’t have a gun to wave back. Guns work only when one party has them, and the other doesn’t.

What is the lesson you learned from the incident? You need to get yourself a gun! The problem with getting a gun – it may not help you solve the problem. Instead, in most cases, it will escalate the problem. Where you may have driven away pissed and alive, now you have a shooting and people will die, maybe even you!

U.S. for a long time was the person with the gun.

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To Be Small Fish in Large Pond or Big Fish in Small Pond?

Browsing online, I see people ask one of the most important questions – is it better to be a small fish in a large pond or a big fish in a small pond? The popular opinion  – it is more desirable to be a small fish in a large pond.

Of course, it is hard to discern the truth when the matter is abstract and we talk about fish, so let us make it personal. Would you rather be a president/queen/king of a small country or a regular citizen in a great country like U.S.? Most of us would prefer to be a king! You can always visit U.S. and be treated like a royalty.

Let us take the argument a step further. Is it better to be the richest neighbor in the poorer neighborhood, or a poorest neighbor in the richer neighborhood? Just like in the example above, the right answer – it is better to be the richest neighbor in the poorer neighborhood. We are happy when we are content. We compare ourselves constantly with our peers. Living around much wealthier people will make you miserable and depressed. It will make you feel like a loser in comparison. Of course, there are always exceptions,  some of us enjoy pain.

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North Korea Just Wants to Be Famous, Be the “It Girl”

North Korea is one of the crappiest countries you can think of. I feel bad for its people. If the leader, the man who should not be named, decided to actually open his borders he would instantaneously find himself without subjects, as all his people would flee North Korea.

OK, so the man who should not be named wisely keeps the borders closed. North Koreans can not even imagine what the life is like in the developed world… or they might become dissatisfied with their leader; the man who should not be named thought of that too, and cut off his country from internet and any opportunity to learn about the world.

What if you really wanted to be famous and have everybody talking about you? North Korea does not produce anything worth mentioning, the life is tough and often the people go hungry. Nobody is interested in North Korea! The man who should not be named needs to keep his people in check. So, he introduced a lofty goal. Think Elon Mask and the migration to Mars. Oh, wait, it is not that. Think if North Koreans could challenge the biggest, strongest country in the world! Mission accomplished, suddenly you are the super star and everybody is talking about you. Wait, What? The biggest and strongest country is afraid??

What U.S. should do is to get prepared for everything… and then just ignore the little and inconsequential North Korea.

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When in Doubt… Do the Right Thing

Should I move to a different city? Should I find a new job? Should I end the relationship? Should I pursue a new relationship? We all faced difficult situations, we all made tough decisions. It is easy to make a decision when you have all the information, for example, the decision to exercise regularly.

But what if you had to decide whether or not to continue friendship, what if the other person in this situation did not give you their side of the story? Think judge Judy; we need facts from both sides, we need to see the bigger picture to make the educated decision. If we can’t see the bigger picture, the rule of thumb – do the right thing and you will never regret your decision. The asshole always loses at the end, don’t be an asshole in any situation.

Imagine you are a famous and wealthy athlete. Everybody knows you, tons of people vie for your friendship. It is hard to tell who is your friend for the right reasons until hard times come rolling in, and bunch of close friends disappear with your expensive sports memorabilia. Your friends betrayed you -that is a fact. Perhaps you should have chosen better friends. Was it a right thing to do to go with thugs and guns to get your stuff back?

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Beauty and the Beast or Why Women Should Not Chase After Men

This is for all my ladies. We achieved equal rights with men, we can do everything men can do, sometimes we can do it better :), but for as long as it is us, who bear children, few things we need to leave to men. One of them is courting a lover. I will demonstrate my point with the help of our favorite children’s story – Beauty and the Beast.

Gaston is the hottest guy in the village. Many women desire him, they follow him, they swoon, but Gaston is not interested. What is available too readily is rarely appreciated. There is only one woman who makes Gaston work for her affections – Belle. Gaston wants Belle and he would do anything to have her as his wife. Gaston thinks Belle secretly loves him and that is all the encouragement he needs.

Belle pays little attention to Gaston; she wants to achieve her dreams. Belle thinks there is more to life than being Mrs. Gaston.

Belle’s adventures begin when her father gets kidnaped by the Beast. The unfortunate event turns into a blessing in disguise. Belle and the Beast begin their relationship by being rude to each other. There is mutual mistrust. Then, slowly, Belle becomes sweet to the Beast and he is enchanted by her. He is encouraged by her tenderness. The Beast does the impossible for Belle, sacrifices everything. That is when Belle realizes his love is true and chooses to be with him.

Now imagine Belle saw Gaston at the bar, was intrigued, came up and asked for his phone number. What do you think would happen? What if Belle never gave the Beast opportunity to prove his love, perhaps he was never interested in her in the first place. What if Belle kept pushing herself onto the beast and “sacrificing” herself just in case he changed his mind one day and took her “seriously”.

Ladies, always play it smart. Never put yourself at disadvantage.