According to a study published in the journal PNAS, people who pay someone to complete household tasks (cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping and general maintenance) are more satisfied with life. Yet, across all income levels, very few people choose to spend the money in this way.

We are reluctant to spend money on things that can make us happier. Huge amounts of money do not make us automatically happy if it brings stress. What matters is the way we choose to spend the little money we have.

We all want to be happy. There are things/chores we hate to do; we are no good and miserable doing them. Why not pay someone else to do them for us? I am not talking about easy chores we are just too lazy to do. Laziness is our number one enemy. Have you noticed if you keep yourself busy, you can accomplish surprisingly a lot more? When it happens, we have a sense of satisfaction and pride in our work. The less things we have to do, the harder it is to do anything at all; laziness and procrastination come into play. We opt to do nothing and watch TV all day.

Multitasking to the rescue. Doing chores can keep laziness at bay so we can accomplish more. To make chores less tedious, multitask and combine chores with activities you enjoy. For example, you can cook dinner for your family while watching your favorite show on TV!

We are happiest when we have enough time to do things we love to do, the kind of things that bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, those are the things we are great at. Watching TV doesn’t fall in this category. It makes sense to outsource our chores when we don’t get enough time to do the things we love.