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20 Ways to Meet People

According to the recent research in the British Journal of Psychology, the more social interactions with close friends a regular person has, the greater their self-reported happiness. The higher the population density of the immediate environment, the less happy the survey respondents said they were, thus people in big cities are less happy than people in small towns. Every rule has an exception, people with big goals and passion in life seem to be happy even without much interaction with friends, and they were equally happy in big cities as well as in small towns.

Humans are social creatures. Let’s not neglect our social skills. Social interaction offers a good workout for the brain.

Here are few ways to meet quality people:

  1. Go to a friend’s party/event even if you think it might be boring
  2. Go to the gym, join group work out
  3. Go to the church
  4. Volunteer with the community
  5. Check out local events on and Naples Florida Weekly
  6. Go to charity events
  7. Take a class you always wanted to take and never had time
  8. Join foodies, have a bite to eat or a drink at the whole foods
  9. Go to community or political events. Be engaged with the community
  10. Go to the park for a walk and exercise
  11. Visit your local bookstore/library
  12. Go to art exhibits and museums, culture yourself
  13. Eat dinner at the bar of your favorite restaurant
  14. Attend sports events/festivals/concerts
  15. Go for coffee to the coffee shop
  16. If someone helped you on the street, or in a difficult situation- they are automatically your friend. Get to know them
  17. Get out there, go to the beach
  18. Go to networking events
  19. Go on a trip/ group retreats
  20. Go with your co-workers to happy hour events/job events/conferences


Hi, my name is Julia Adams, writing is my passion. I admire great masters of literature like Franz Kafka and his work “The Metamorphosis”, Voltaire and his triumph “Candide”. I wish I could be more like them! Writing is an art. I write to entertain, to make the reader stop and think. I write to explore our community, our world together.

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