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Bash Donald Trump and He Will Win Again in 2020

Who could have predicted Barack Obama and Donald Trump will win the presidential elections? This fact alone proves that elections in U.S. are fair and not rigged like in many other countries.

Media bashes Donald Trump mercilessly. President Trump has a job to do and he wants to do it well. Let’s give him a chance. He deserves our respect just like a parent, albeit not perfect, must be respected by his children. If you are not happy with the job the president is doing you can show it by voting in 2020 for a different candidate.

Our critics, our enemies are our most valuable teachers. We rely on family and friends to tell us the truth, but often people close to us don’t provide useful feedback for the fear of hurting us. We can fine-tune our performance if we pay attention to the criticism of our enemies. Keep in mind, the criticism of our enemies is always exaggerated.

Love your enemies; use your enemies. It is not right to take advantage of people, unless they are your enemy. Let your enemy lash out, turn the other cheek and you will have multitude of people coming to your defense. We sense the injustice, we always root for the underdog.

Do not become emotional with your enemies it will drive them crazy and they will make many mistakes. Our enemies are emotional in our regard. It is their greatest weakness. If we control our emotions, if we show our enemies only our disinterest we will control our enemies for our benefit.



Hi, my name is Julia Adams, writing is my passion. I admire great masters of literature like Franz Kafka and his work “The Metamorphosis”, Voltaire and his triumph “Candide”. I wish I could be more like them! Writing is an art. I write to entertain, to make the reader stop and think. I write to explore our community, our world together.

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