On July 15, 1997, right at the gate of his beautiful Miami Beach mansion, Gianni Versace, 50, was shot dead by Andrew Cunanan. There is no evidence Versace and Cunanan had any kind of relationship, but it is possible they met in the past at one of many social events Gianni attended or organized.

In general, rich people inspire our admiration. Who wants to marry a multimillionaire? They also inspire envy and, in some cases, hate for all the things, resources and opportunities they possess. We forget about the hard work and the sacrifices that go with the success.

Andrew Cunanan (August 1969-July 1997) was a very bright and handsome young man. He was also very narcissistic. To work hard is not sexy. Andrew was obsessed with money, power and social status. He didn’t have any professional ambitions or passions in life, except for living each day for the pleasure other people’s money can buy. Cunanan used his older wealthy businessman lovers to finance a lavish lifestyle. What he didn’t realize in the beginning – the rich lovers were using/controlling him, not the other way around. When they lost interest, they got rid of Andrew as quickly as they took him in.

Andrew became friends with Jeffrey Trail from Minneapolis, a former US naval officer and propane salesman. At first the friendship with Andrew was exciting, but soon Jeffrey, having his goals and priorities straight, began to distance himself from Andrew. Cunanan was a shallow person.

At about the same time Andrew’s lover, David Madson, was pulling plug on their relationship. David Manson was an architect and had a brilliant career ahead of him. David was cutting loose the unhealthy and meaningless friendships.

Andrew had a gift of attracting people, he also had a curse of lacking the depth of character and goodness that keeps people attracted and interested. Andrew’s life was meaningless without those relationships; he did not have career or some passion in life to carry him through tough times. Feeling cheated and used he decided to punish the men who mistreated him. Cunanan killed Trail, then he killed Madson. The next on the victim list was Chicago’s prominent developer Miglin. But no murder could make Cunanan as infamous as that of Gianni Versace. And in this sad way Andrew Cunanan fulfilled his life’s aspirations.