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Naples Night Life

IMG_27791You may think the fun begins and ends in Miami or NYC; if so, I will disagree with you. Here in Naples, we have few good places to indulge, unwind and socialize without mob and stress. Keep in mind all clubs and bars close at 2 A.M in Naples/Fort Myers. Below are my favorite night destinations.

Dusk- The Ritz-Carlton

A sophisticated lounge with DJ music and delicious food. The clientele is mostly tourists. Bring your own date and enjoy the most romantic night on the town! After few drinks and dancing, you could go for a walk on the beach under the stars (Ritz-Carlton is on the beach).

Blue Martini Lounge at Mercato

Classy lounge with live music every day starting at 8pm. DJ spins popular hits after 10pm. If you go before 10 pm, you will see mostly older crowd. People in their 20s, 30s go to Blue Martini after 10pm usually on Fridays and Saturdays.

Burn by Rocky Patel at Mercato

Luxurious lounge offering fine cigars and high-end spirits with DJ music. If you are a smoker, this is a heaven.

Cavo Lounge at Mercato

Cavo is beautiful and casual. I like the music selection the DJ plays. The crowd here is younger than that in Blue Martini.

Paradise Wine & Lounge

Paradise Wine is a retail shop and entertainment venue. It is simply amazing and so much fun! You will see lots of young people here.

D’Amico’s The Continental

This is a high-end restaurant on 3rd Street South, Naples with live music and dancing. The crowd is mostly over 50 years old.



Hi, my name is Julia Adams, writing is my passion. I admire great masters of literature like Franz Kafka and his work “The Metamorphosis”, Voltaire and his triumph “Candide”. I wish I could be more like them! Writing is an art. I write to entertain, to make the reader stop and think. I write to explore our community, our world together.

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