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About Life Satisfaction, Happiness

What does everybody want? Happiness. More than simply positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction.

If we want to be happy, we have to work for it. If we are unhappy, we have ourselves to blame.

To do list (to find that elusive, everlasting happiness):

  1. Have a peace of mind. Whatever drives you nuts – get rid of it, or distance yourself from it.
  2. Think positive thoughts and you will have positive attitude.
  3. Find your passion/interesting challenge in life.
  4. Start using your brain. Learn to think. Solve the problems yourself.
  5. Be the master of your emotions.
  6. Keep the body healthy. Healthy foods consumed in moderation will maintain a balanced chemical level in the brain and the whole body. Good food and exercise will ward off mental issues like depression, attention deficit disorders and myriad of other physical and mental ailments.
  7. Stay away from addictive substances.
  8. Have strong, good relationships.
  9. Make sure you have enough money. Money buys freedom from worry about the basics in life—housing, food, clothing.
  10. Be helpful!


Hi, my name is Julia Adams, writing is my passion. I admire great masters of literature like Franz Kafka and his work “The Metamorphosis”, Voltaire and his triumph “Candide”. I wish I could be more like them! Writing is an art. I write to entertain, to make the reader stop and think. I write to explore our community, our world together.

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