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Achievements and Failures of Senator Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson (democrat) was elected to become a U.S. Senator in November 2000. Here is what we learn from Bill Nelson’s voting history:

Supports civil rights

Supports women’s rights, Pro-Choice

Votes consistently to stimulate economy

Tough on companies that ship jobs oversees

Votes to improve education

Supports clean energy, pro-environment

Votes to make healthcare more accessible

Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform

Voted YES on raising the minimum wage

Voted YES on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million

Voted YES on permanently repealing the “death tax”

OK, here is my question- isn’t repealing “death tax” makes rich people richer and exacerbates inequality?

Let’s take a look at the few things in the official Resume:

Bill Nelson established strict criminal penalties for spammers who send junk e-mail schemes involving fraud, identity theft, obscenity, child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children.

Amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 2003 to increase consumer privacy protections by requiring businesses to dispose properly of any client information derived from credit reports.

Introduced privacy legislation requiring banks and insurance companies to get written permission for use of medical information. Called for criminal penalties for the sale or purchase of a social security number.

Forced the EPA to determine whether arsenic-treated wood, found in playgrounds across the country, is a health risk to children, which led the agency to agree with the wood-preserving industry to phase out the use of arsenic-treated wood for playground equipment.

Championed legislation to end a penalty on disabled military retirees which prevents them from concurrently receiving retired pay and disability benefits.

Bill Nelson is not perfect, he is a work in progress, but with all his successes and failures, I prefer Bill Nelson to Marco Rubio.



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