Let’s meet all the great people in our community! My friend Art was gracious enough to give me this interview.

Question: Art, please tell me about your educational background.

Art: PhD in physics from Princeton University.

Question: In what industry do you work here in Naples?

Art: Aerospace and defense.

Question: Which company and what is your title?

Art: Cobham Aerospace Communications. I’m a director of Engineering.

Question: You are a busy guy, do you have time for friendships?

Art: Any successful manager has the ability to designate time for his personal life. Some choose to do that, others choose not to do it.

Question: What is a restaurant or a location in Naples that you visit most often?

Art: I prefer locally owned and operated establishments. A good example would be Capriccio restaurant in Naples.

Question: Did you vote in the last presidential election?

Art: Absolutely not. It would be an insult to my intelligence.

Question: Have you voted in the local elections?

Art: Yes, I did.

Question: What is the biggest problem facing Collier County right now?

Art: I can think of one – corruption.

Question: Can you give me an example?

Art: The misuse of publicly trusted power in operation of Naples Municipal Airport. I’m an active pilot, I can estimate the expected altitude for the initial or final approach. Flight plans of visiting airplanes are being purposely diverted for the convenience of wealthy people. For the last 18 years there has been no consideration for adjustment of operation of Naples Municipal Airport to benefit Collier County and Naples residents. The airport maintenance is still 100% financed by the residents of Collier County and not the wealthy visitors. The Collier County officials are sworn to serve our residents disregarding the income level.

Question: What is the biggest challenge in your career?

Art: There is absolutely no mistakes allowed in my business. If a doctor makes a mistake one person may suffer, if we make a mistake many people will be affected.

Question: Do you volunteer in the community?

Art: Yes, Florida International College and Lorenzo Walker Technical College.