Let’s get to know each other, lets meet our Naples neighbors! Today i would like to introduce my very good friend and a talented artist – Lilly  (in the picture second from the right). Lilly was kind enough to grant me this interview for the blog.

Question: When you meet a person for the first time, after you have learned their name, what would you like to know next?

Lilly: I would ask them about their interest areas: sport, art…

Lilly: You are a beautiful woman, have you ever asked a man how much money he makes before considering if you would like to go out with him on a date?

Question: Never ever!

Question: Do you think college education is important and what is your degree?

Lilly: College education is important. But there are many people without higher education who achieved great results, also there are many people who have good education, but were not able to put that education to a good use. I am a medical doctor and a personal manager.

Question: What is the most important thing in life?

Lilly: Of course for everybody is different, for instance for Salvadore Dali having children was not important, but he was fulfilled in his life through the art. For me, family and children are more important than career and ambitions.

Question: Did you vote in the last presidential election?

Lilly: Yes. Voting matters, if you think your vote doesn’t matter, you are mistaken and the last presidential election was a proof.

Question: Have you ever voted for a collier county commissioner or a  congressman?

Lilly: Yes, but I hope there was more information.

Question: In the last presidential election what was the issue most critical to you?

Lilly: We had two bad candidates, I was disappointed with the choice.

Question: What do you think is the biggest issue facing our community today? I’m talking about Collier county.

Lilly: I love Naples, we have wonderful weather, great schools. The city is clean, I could walk barefoot on the street! I am sure there are problems, but I just don’t have enough information to talk about it. For example, the recent forest and community fires, I wonder if that could have been prevented.

Question: Is art your true love?

Lilly: Art is medicine for my soul and mind.

Question: We all know how important it is to find one’s calling in life. How did you find your passion?

Lilly: It’s a long story. I used to be a ballet dancer since I was 6 years old, then, when I was 14 y.o. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and could not dance anymore, but I had to express myself. I started painting in oils on chocolate boxes, because in those days canvases were not affordable for me. My dad was very proud of me and he was an inspiration.